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You may know me as Catherine Oyoué a.k.a. Cathy O. the fashion dreamer.

I had to give space in my creative cocoon to a new venture, which totally took me by surprise. Believe it or not, dear friends…the Angels want me to sing!

My musical journey began at 9 years old in Paris, with classical piano lessons. Raised in a large family of music lovers, I also learned to appreciate all types of harmonious sounds. I received on my fifteenth birthday a beautiful sewing machine, which shifted my creative energy from music to craftsmanship, to my fashion career. Yet, my first love was never forgotten.

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I love to sing and write to soothe my heart.

I had no intention to widely share my favorite forms of self- therapy until recently.
In summer 2002, while enjoying my life in New York, daydreaming as usual on various projects, a miracle started to unfold, one song at a time. I believe my songs came effortlessly and unexpectedly because they were meant to inspire others…
This was also a great opportunity to get exposed as a versatile artist, and share my diverse skills, from fashion to poetry in motion. So I decided to follow my new mission and dare to sing like a pro! Little did I know of the hard work and challenge ahead of me, but I discovered along the way the true meaning of passion. Thanks to the collaboration of a wonderful team, including my dedicated producer, Alan Roy, this amateur project evolved into the most courageous and exciting experience of my vie d'artiste.

I am very proud to spread my music and universal message around the world.

My heart goes particularly toward the countries where I lived, as the daughter of a diplomat: from my native Gabon to France, Canada, Ivory Coast and the United States. May we all dare to follow our dreams, and celebrate life with peace, love and harmony. Cathy O - Catherine Oyoué

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