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Taste a liberating spirit in Cathy O's first album

1. Intro Cathy O. Piano
2. I am what I am
3. The new me
4. Happy anniversary
5. Peace
6. Dare to be
7. Stop blaming
8. Annick si jolie
9. Afro bird
10. Breeze
11. The world needs you
12. Thank you
13. Flying Away
14. Dare To Be Remix
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Cathy O. in her music recording studio
The recording Artist at work.
All vocals by Catherine Oyoue. 

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What our listeners are saying...

I'm always under stress, complaining about my "miserable" life, so a friend of mine recommended me to get the album Dare To Be. I thought some of the songs were written just for me! The lyrics are so inspiring and positive. After listening to "Stop Blaming", I'm thinking twice before feeling sorry for myself. Thank you Cathy O, GREAT MUSIC!

THANKS! from William F.
Thanks Cathy, for your encouraging message and healing songs. Yes, the World needs YOU!!


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Cathy O lounging, CD album photo inside cover

Dare To Be   Available Worldwide


Catherine Oyoué's LATEST creative venture emerged from a strong desire to share her inspirational songs.
An amateur pianist, singer and creative writer,
Cathy O decided in 2002 to take her pastime seriously when beautiful melodies and lyrics started to pop up from her mind. Her debut album Dare To Be is a labor of love, courage and passion.Cathy O shares her self-therapy and personal growth, and invites everyone to follow their dreams. Her soothing alto voice and liberating message will certainly motivate you to face your hidden heart desires, and fly towards new horizons.

While most songs are written in English,
Cathy O, a French speaking artist from Gabon, Africa, also offers creative potpourris. She effortlessly rhymes in different languages, making her positive and universal message accessible to all. These joyous songs and profound lyrics will also inspire your inner child to sing along and dance through a creative fusion of styles; from afro-carribean to reggae, hip hop, R&B and jazzy beats.


Catherine Oyoue (AKA Cathy O) gave "birth" to this unique CD album thanks to the artistic collaboration of a wonderful team. Her dedicated producer, Alan Roy, added his musical vision and passion to this promising project. He patiently taught Cathy O the tricks of the trade, making her discover her potential as a lead vocal and chorist, and giving her the confidence to dare to sing like a pro. Cathy O was touched by the gracious performance of her accompanist Philippe Pierre, a blind musician who connected instantly with her original melodies, giving a new dimension to this amateur project. The CD package was beautifully designed by Marie-Aude Preau, who captured Cathy O's warmth and liberating essence. She enhanced the songs layout with inspiring graphic art and personal pictures of the singer-songwriter, making the CD booklet a piece of art on its own.

Cathy O's "Dare To Be" is a feel good and uplifting album, to share and enjoy with loved ones of all ages. It's the ultimate gift to inspire anyone on a self discovery journey. Independently produced by Cathy O's label Dream On Productions, this album is distributed worldwide by CD Baby
Cathy O, the music artist, is born. Thanks for spreading the word!...


Get your lyrics here in a pdf format each songs individually

I am what I am
The new me
Happy anniversary
Dare to be
Stop blaming
Annick si jolie
Afro bird
The world needs you
Thank you
Flying Away

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