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  her latest design slipcover white with blue strips
Summery Design couch & chair slip cover with with blue & white stripes.

Years ago, while looking for a job in fashion, Catherine Oyoué ended up learning all about home fashion at Monte Coleman Inc.
A quick and enthusiastic learner, Cathy O soon began to put her new skills to the test.
She became the creative problem solver of clients from New York to California, and built her reputation from word of mouth.


She is particularly grateful to her faithful client Bill Fidelo, for being so openly proud of her work. Expert in most types of home furnishings, from curtains to pillows and matching lampshades, Cathy O’s favorite challenge is to create fitted slipcovers.
"The approach is similar to custom- made clothing construction" she explains, adding with a tease: "except, the sofa will never decide to lose weight between two fittings!"

  Cathy O's latest furniture designs & slip covers

Fitted red velvet slip cover and matching pillows in a light pink color for a sophisticated Holiday look and can be kept throughout the year as an accent color in your home.

Cathy O creating a lampshade cover while exhibiting her work at a Flee Market in New York City

Cathy O exhibiting her work at a New York City Flee Market.


Catherine Oyoué plans to design a unique home deco line, and sell it online.
In the meantime, if you feel like giving a new look to your living room each season, or for a special occasion, Cathy O is your solution!

  One of Cathy O's favorite style in her Home Deco line: simple chair cover with an Afro influence One of Cathy O's favorite signature chair covers with an elegant Afro influence.


CATHY O HOME DECO ...Custom made window treatments, fitted couch & chair slip covers, pillows,drapery, and much more.
By appointment only; please contact us via email:

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