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THANK YOU, merci beaucoup, bisou- bisou...



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Honoring Papipa & Mamima's 50th wedding anniversary...Celebrate the Loving couple!

Happy Anniversary..."
Thank you..."
All vocals by Cathy O.
Click on link to listen to these songs.


To Mom & Dad with Love

Composed image by Marie Aude Design dedicated to Solange et Felix Oyoue - Cathy O through-out different stage of her life with her Parents

Catherine Oyoué at different stages of her life with her parents Solange and Jean-Félix Oyoué.
Image by Marie Aude Design created for the dedication page of the CD Album.

To my relatives, friends and true supporters who are sharing my creative journey. You may find your name hidden between two rhymes of my song "Thank you", written just for you.
Listen carefully, and again...merci beaucoup!

Thank you, merci beaucoup, bisou- bisou...

To the wonderful artists who collaborated generously on my dream project Dare to be. Thanks a million for sharing your talent and passion. My success is your success!

Marie-Aude Preau who created all the beautiful visuals and lay-outs, including my website

Alan Roy my multi-talented music producer,

Phillipe Pierre my gifted accompanist,



Sing along with the complete set of songs from Catherine Oyoué's Album Dare To Be

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